eBay seller "Radio-Mart" - Caveat Emptor

26 July 2010



See also the Version 2 and Version 3 stories.... They complete the tale.


Feb 2011 :
If you have read the Caveat Emptor pages about Martyn Allison's "Radio-Mart" antics on eBay, be aware that he will probably try to do the same on his "new" web presence at http://www.radio-mart.net.   It looks like eBay has finally suspended his operations forcing his move to the self-supported web site.  Check out 
http://stores.ebay.com/Radio-Mart and see what Martyn says to cover it up.   Follow this link to  eham.net and look from Reply #233 and after.  You have been warned about him so be very, very careful.....



Feb 8  2011 :   If you have read the Caveat Emptor pages about Martyn Allison's "Radio-Mart" antics on eBay, be aware that he will probably try to do the same on his "new" web presence at http://www.radio-mart.net.   It looks like eBay has finally suspended his operations forcing his move to the self-supported web site.  Check out http://stores.ebay.com/Radio-Mart and see what Martyn says to cover it up.   Follow this link to  eham.net and look from Reply #233 and after.  You have been warned about him so be very, very careful.....

Email received directly 15 Feb 2011 : 

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you to let you know...
Due to e-Bay's excessive fees & mistreatment of MANY of our customers.


You can find Radio-Mart's items in 2 other locations (at the moment)
www.webstore.com { original graphic replaced }

All of iLove2Cell's items can be found at the link below... (parts)
www.webstore.com { original graphic replaced }



I recently had the misfortune to buy an Icom transceiver from the seller "Radio-Mart" (in the USA) via an eBay auction.

Amateur callsign : K4TEC 

Any other buyers contemplating buying/winning anything off him should be aware that he is not necessarily doing as good 'a deal' as you might first think.

The words Caveat Emptor spring to mind.

If you don't know what those words stand for, Google them.... and while you are there, Google "radiomart eBay" or maybe " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " and see the varied horror stories that appear - apart from the automatic eBay-generated listings.

You certainly don't find too many kind things being said.

Now I know that I am not alone !!!!


Here is a link to the original listing on eBay :

until such time as eBay removes the listing


At the time of my creating this web page, Radio-Mart's eBay seller rating was 16050 with a 99.4% positive feedback. Now this 0.6% of those transactions (calculates to 96 of them) were to unhappy buyers - me being one of them... BUT it makes me think - how many eBay'ers are not actually game enough to put in a Negative or even Neutral rating ?

My story :

" Icom IC-706MKIIG *HF/VHF/UHF* in Excellent condition"


Listing Details :

Radio Mart Does it again, bringing you the very best in Ham Radio equipment to e-Bay!!!

I am not going in to great detail with this listing as if you’re looking at it you already know what this wonderful transceiver is capable of.

Purchased from its original owner, as can be seen it has been taken good care off, sold to me as mint, I would say it is in mint, good condition.

Serial # is a late 1509773.

The set was given a full test by us and is guaranteed to be in perfect condition.

It's supplied with the Microphone and Power Lead.

So if you’re after an exceptional HF/VHF/UHF multimode transceiver, then this is the one you have been waiting for,,, in excellent overall cosmetic and perfect working condition

Good Luck Bidding.


Sounds good doesn't it ??? Looks good too !! (Too good to be true ??????)

I duly bid and won the item for $US650 plus the $US100+ shipping charge from Kentucky, USA, to Australia. I paid via PayPal straight away so there was no delay at my end.

I received an email advice from radio-mart on 29/6/2010 to advise me that it had been shipped.... and eventually it was shipped... on the 1st July.

The box arrived here in Brisbane on 06/07/2010 so overall transit time was not too bad.

Then the problems started.....

I opened the box, the radio looked good and was not physically damaged BUT I plugged it into a 12V supply and the lights came on - and there was "nobody home".

I fired off the following email at 2.11PM :

Dear radio-mart,

Received the undamaged box this morning, took it out of the bubblewrap and noodle packaging, powered it up - changes bands etc.. Connected 50 RF load/power meter and it will not transmit on any band - the red TX led does not light (though the green RX led goes out) and there is no RF out indicated on the power meter.

Your description says that this unit was " I would say it is in mint, good condition.
Serial # is a late 1509773.

The set was given a full test by us and is guaranteed to be in perfect condition.
That indicates that you tested both the transmit and receive functionality. Is that true - or was it false advertising ?

This is to give you an opportunity to do something before I leave negative feedback - and left holding a "mint condition" 706 that doesn't transmit. It cost me $120 to get it here and your Return statement says that you don't cover return costs.
What do you suggest ??

I fired off another email at 2:40PM :

Dear radio-mart,

Further information : I have done a quick receive test with my Marconi synthesised sig. gen. - it won't hear any sign of a signal even with 0dBm fed into the HF antenna terminal at 14.100 - i.e. the receiver doesn't function either. That suggests a synthesiser fault or similar, and thus a lockout of the transmitter. How good was your testing - sig gen / power meter - or just powered it on and looked at the dial ?

At 10:29PM, Martyn responded :

It was an on the air test and also in to a dummy load on VHF


It may sound obvious but have you done a reset?
If all else fails please return it for a refund
I am soooo sorry to hear of this dissapointment


Best Regards



Well that's not how it arrived here.... This was going to have to be resolved somehow !

8:31AM on 7/7/2010, Fired back :


The CPU reset was the first thing I did after I found no transmit, and that was before I found that there was no receive either. That was the suggested starting point in the user manual.

The item cost me about $AUD120 to get here and will cost at least the same to ship back, if not more. That means I am out of pocket around $AUD250 on a radio I no longer have. I don't feel inclined to send it back if I am losing that much money on something that was supposedly in excellent condition, which to me says completely functional as well as minimal damage to the case.

It seems that a better option might be for me to take it to an Icom service centre here in Brisbane to get it fixed and for you to partially refund the purchase cost to cover that. I think they charge around $100/hour but without knowing what is actually wrong or if they have to change a board over, I can't even guess what the cost will be. I could try to sell it for parts but, without knowing what is wrong with it, I might unintentionally sell the faulty bit as good and be in the same boat as you are.

I bought it with a payment through Paypal so I can raise a dispute with them about this if you wish. Supposedly their Buyer Protection is to cover things like this.

The transceiver was listed as fully tested yet you say you only tested at VHF (your statement below). What testing was done at HF to make sure it operated there ? Could you contact the original owner and confirm that it was fully operational, all bands and modes, at the time you got it from him/her ?

I'm sorry but you listed it as Excellent Condition etc.. and it isn't as described. I would not have bid on it at all if the description had said Not Working - use for parts.

Hmmm.. Let's see what happens next...

9:57AM on 7/7/2010, received back :

Doug it was checked in to a dummy load on VHF but tested on the air on 40 and 20 with a dummy load being used on all other bands
The rig was working well here, I have no idea what could be wrong with it? Sounds like a relay if both TX and RX are down?
If you do want to open a PayPal dispute I will only request its return so that’s just a time waster? I would need to know a cost for repair before committing myself to agreeing to a partial refund.
You mention that it’s not practical to return,, I will have to remind you that you chose to buy from an overseas seller,, Having said that it is so rare for us to have issues like this but please do not place the blame on me for you choosing to buy overseas.


Back to you and like I already said I am sorry for this inconvenience


Best Regards





Well I don't know what you would do but I wasn't going to lose a couple of hundred dollars in shipping charges and then not have a radio at the end of it all..

10:38AM on 8/7/2010 : Email back to him :


After I received your email yesterday, the radio was taken to an acquaintance with a RadioComm's workshop who was an active Icom servicing agent but now concentrates mainly on marine radios.. He promised to fit it in between outstanding jobs.

His findings today were that there was no way that the radio could either transmit or receive as someone had incorrectly fitted the CR282 high stability 30MHz oscillator option. Not only was it rotated 180 degrees so that the heater resistance was in the place of the crystal connections but one of the crystal leads was a blob of solder on the protruding pigtail and wasn't even actually soldered to the PCB pad at all. He said the radio requires this oscillator to provide signal inputs to the synthesiser and without it, it can't transmit or receive. The CR282 unit has been rotated and resoldered in the board and now produces the 60.000 MHz reference oscillator output but has to be run for a while to allow the frequency to be set correctly. He said it took a while to find because it is not a common fault - something soldered in incorrectly.

He now has the receiver and transmitter functioning, the receiver hearing < 0.2uV at HF and VHF & UHF with the preamp on and the transmitter producing around 100W on HF & 6m, somewhat lower powers on 2m and 70cm, around normal.

He also noted that there was a FL102 filter fitted to the radio and commented that this was not a listed option for the model and there was no setup menu available for it. It will have to be removed at some stage. It also has a poorly-installed modification to keep the fan running continuously at a slow speed during receive.

I hope to get the radio back later today or tomorrow but it will come with a bill for labour though I am told no parts.

Given the above findings, it means that there is no way that this particular radio was actually tested and found to transmit and receive, whether on HF or VHF. That also probably means that you got it from your source in a non-working state. That really does make it not as per the "Excellent Condition" as per the listing, or tested as in the listing description or even properly tested as per your email below. Maybe it was a different radio you recall.

I will advise the amount owing when I get the radio back. If you don't want to pay all or most of it through a refund then I will start a dispute process.


Interesting story isn't it. There is no way that the radio could have been on-air tested because the synthesiser can't lock without the 60.000 MHz reference signal on output 2LO from the synth board.

12:02AM on the 9/7/2010, incoming email :

Dear Doug

The radio was reported as being in good working condition and I have/had no reason to doubt that.
I will talk to the engineer who passed this on to me as okay on Monday when he is back in to work.
The FL-102 is a nice option as it is an AM filter and is common to find them fitted all be it a $100 filter.
The fan mod is again a common one to find as is wide band TX.

To cover myself I will add that I did not agree to any repair work to be carried out on the radio, I did ask if you would be kind enough to get an evaluation and not a full repair or its return,, I say this in case you do decide to open a dispute where I will just insist like I already have on its return to us.

I am pleased to hear the transceiver is now working and am very pleased you have a colleague that was able to do this for you.
I will look at his bill of repair and make a decision what to do then.

Best 73s

Best Regards




8:38AM on 9/7/2010 :


I can guarantee that it wasn't working when it arrived here - and couldn't have been if the CR282 oscillator block was soldered in the wrong way around - as I have been told.

I emailed you as soon as I took it out of the box early in the afternoon (1.30-2PM) after we discovered it left at the front of the house, connected it to power and a load and advised that it didn't transmit at 2.11PM. A short time later I advised more that it didn't actually receive either (2.40PM). I have never before taken anyone to task about something I have bought in over 8 years of using eBay but this one is making history for me. If you check those times against this extract from the delivery advice you will see that it was quite a quick discovery.

{ USPS delivery info was in here }

I asked about a quote and was told that it really had to be fixed to find out what it would cost.

I got the radio back yesterday afternoon and tried it out last night for a while and it now transmits and receives on all amateur bands - plus has the broadband transmit capability you mentioned as well.
The bill was for 1.5 hours labour at $88/hr = $132 plus 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax) = $AUD145. That equates to about $US123. He says he actually spent far longer on it but only billed the hour and a half.

I was told that I should take it back after a few weeks of continuous operation so that the CR282 crystal could be finely netted to frequency after it had aged a bit - at no extra charge.

By all means check with your engineer - or the person who you got it from - about the true operational condition of the radio. I guess you (or the engineer) keep written reports of the tests on each radio you sell so you might check that out. The S/N is 1509773.

Please advise.


8:44AM on 9/7/2010 :

Yes we do Doug

What baffles me is that you have the high stability Xtal Osc which is an option as well l as the AM filter option,, odd as we would have removed them before sale,, it is as though it was not tested at all???
I am away from now until Monday so will not be able to check my emails until I return back

Best 73s



Best Regards



1:14PM on 14/7/2010, email sent :


I have given you a few extra days to update me as to what the situation is with this sale but nothing has been forthcoming.

Fixing that radio cost me $145 - for a radio that was supposedly working and in tip top condition - and couldn't have worked (see below). I therefore urgently request a refund to my Paypal account of the $AUD145.

Please advise the 'state of play' on this matter and when you intend to make the refund.


11:28PM on 14/7/2010, email back :

Dear Doug

To be honest I would rather have had the rig back before you went and spent $145 having it fixed.

As you know I did not authorize you to have it repaired and I have fired the engineer who said he had tested it,, 1 for quite obviously going by what you told me it not working and 2nd for not removing the AM filter and high stability Xtal Oscillator options as they would have been sold separately by us ($150 Value)

So I will offer you $50 or its return in the condition it was in when received for a full refund including return shipping.

Back to you


Best Regards


4:41PM on 14/7/2010 :


Now that it is working, I obviously want to keep it.

I will take the $50 offered so that at least part of what it cost me is recovered. Please refund to the PayPal account, the same account it was paid from.

Thanks for your time and sorry about having to complain in the first place.



7:08AM on 15/7/2010 :

Doug I am pleased that it is working now and you have two very nice options for free hihi
Ok payment on the way


Best Regards

11:02AM on 20/7/2010 : Email from PayPal - notification of a refund of $US50. ( 5 DAYS LATER )



Well it seems like it was all ok - the radio working - yes ?? A bit of a refund ??

That isn't quite the end of the story.

Today I finally got around to putting my feedback on eBay about this transaction.

I wasn't really satisfied that the due processes had been followed so I put in a negative feedback with the comment " Radio looked good but didn't work - couldn't work. Caveat Emptor."

Martyn's response :

Reply by radio-mart (26-Jul-10 12:02):
You were refunded you in full? the radio is working just fine and resold, thank

( Same wording as given to another negative feedback further down the eBay feedback ratings page )
(Not very good english either : you were refunded YOU in full. Re-sold has a hyphen ! )

HUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The radio has been resold ??? ( hard to have been re-sold if it is on my workbench ! )

It is now working fine ?? ( of course it is but only because it was fixed here ! )
I was refunded in full ??? ( $50 is a full refund ?? )

I don't think so... I think maybe he tells some "untruths"... particularly if you go by the extra feedback comment above - as posted today on eBay... which cannot be true.

****** The proof is physically in my workshop ******.... and verified in this image (taken 8.10AM 27/7/10) with the serial number clearly visible - compare it to the S/No in the original listing ....

Mouse-over to see in more detail. Note that this web page is in the background - displayed on my Dreamweaver edit screen - before the addition of this image and weblink..

On the greater detail screen, you can read the web page name, the text on the screen... all of the details fairly clearly. I can't have created the photo beforehand because this web page didn't exist until yesterday (26/7) - and that was after the negative feedback posting.

Maybe he commonly ...

Lies about the true condition of the equipment he sells ???

Lies about the testing he supposedly does (if any) ???

I wonder if he also tells lies about where he gets his "products" from ???

He did seem a bit insistent about me returning the radio didn't he ??? Is that part of his scam ??





Shortly after I posted my feedback, I received an email from an interested party :


I suspect the reply radio-mart made to your negative was an outright lie. The feedback system does allow you to repond to him and have appear after his remark. Go to the bottom of the page and click on "site map" Then go to the top right hand corner of the site map and under community click on "feedback forum" then on the right click on "reply to feedback" Sorry you got burned like so many other. If you Google him you will see what the story is on him and it is not good. File a complaint with eBay if you care to and if he lied on the feedback issue let them know that also.

So I Googled "Radiomart eBay" this afternoon and didn't like what I found.
I hadn't done so before I bid - and if I had done so, then I wouldn't have bid.

Apparently this guy has 'allegedly' been doing shonky things for some years.

Is it worthwhile my putting this page on the web about him and his operation ? If it helps others from getting burnt then the answer is a resounding YES.




Do I feel that I was burnt ?? Yes, for a radio that was supposedly in "Excellent Condition" and " The set was given a full test by us and is guaranteed to be in perfect condition.", quite simply it wasn't. It certainly shouldn't have needed repairs first up.

I did get a couple of bonuses though : what I didn't reveal to him was that it not only had the CR-282 High Stability option and the off-series AM filter in it, but it also had the FL223 narrow SSB filter, the UT-106 DSP unit plus a UT-102 voice synthesiser.. I might have bought the CR-282 and UT-106 somewhere along the line - but not the other options.

The DTMF mic that came with it was a bonus too. I might have bought that if I planned to get into IRLP or Echolink but it was not a high priority !

If you have visited other pages on this web site, you will have noted that I am not exactly technically stupid. I know my way around HF / VHF / UHF radios, antennas and other things electronic. I guess that the only reason I came unstuck at all was that I couldn't really afford a new IC-7000 - the replacement for a 706MK2G - and needed to get something at a reasonable price to replace my older version 706Mk1. Oh well, at least I correctly diagnosed the type of issue in my second email - and that was before the unit was even opened up...


Followup emails received 27/7/2010 :

Just so we are clear, when I mentioned responding to his feedback, I meant his response to the negative feedback you gave you. The one you see when you look at the negative you gave him. If you feel he is not stating the truth you can respond to this and when someone sees the negative you gave him and his response to that you can respond to his reply. He is claiming as I recall that he resold the radio and it was working fine. That is not the the truth and you can confront him on this with a reply for all to see. Here is where someone did that: cable missing, returned for refund. cost me money for his mistake, Reply by radio-mart (Jul-20-10 17:59):
I refunded you in FULL and still do not have the item, Seems like a crook here?
Follow-up by navy599 (Jul-20-10 18:36):
03041560000267886710 confirmation (Postal) sent yesterday b4 u refunded crook???. The follow up is where he confronted radio-mart on radio-mart's reply to the negative. You can click on radio-marts feedback number and scroll down and find this negative to see this. I hope I am clear on this.


I just fully read your write up. This guy has screwed a number of people from your country. He is more likely to screw someone from outside the country because they cannot get to him and it is too expensive to ship it back to him and he knows that. He has substituted items when they go out of the country many times. By the way he does not have anyone working for him that tests the stuff and he does not have a ham license to put it on the air. Most of the stuff he sells he buys right off of eBay and then misrespresents it to make a profit. If you post this keep my ID out of it since he has threatened myself and others that make his tactics known. You should file a complaint with eBay. On the right of the auction listing you will see report this item and you can complain. eBay has hundreds of complaints and does nothing because they want the money, but at some point they will have to. Be sure and file a complaint with PayPal and eBay.

Final words : I just used the FOLLOWUP link in eBay's Feedback Forum to post the following
"LIES : Full story : www.vk4adc.com/radiomart.php"
... and that is probably why you are at this web page.

Topic closed : 08:40 on 27 July 2010



Seems the topic is not quite finished :

By email 1.05AM 28/7/2010, from Martyn :

Wow that is very interesting

You know I offered you a full refund.

I gave you a partial refund and you accepted it and I believed the matter closed.

I have taken the opportunity to block you from any further bidding in the future from our company, I have taken the opportunity to report you for eBay policy violations and have had the violations acknowledged by my account manager who will be taking action on my behalf.

I have asked that your account not be suspended as I am not as nasty as you seem to make me out to be.

You can see by all my responses that I have been courteous towards you, I did not ask that you took it upon yourself to have the radio repaired, in fact I only have your word telling me the radio was not operational, Some would call that money extortion.

Anyway I do not have time to mess around with you further,, enjoy your purchase but do not try to bid on anything I offer in the future.

73s OM

Well Martyn, it seems that you don't like being caught out, do you ??
Or is it the public shaming ???

Or is it just that someone can dare to have a go at YOU in a public forum ??
Or is it just that the truth is coming out - at long last ??? - or should that be AGAIN ???

The matter WAS closed until you posted your comment "You were refunded you in full? the radio is working just fine and resold, thank " - which was an absolute lie.

Can't take negative feedback so you post lies in response in eBay feedback ????
How many other transactions have you lied about, Martyn, how many others ????
How many other listings were partial fabrications ???

I have only told the truth about what was found to be wrong with the radio - that was supposedly in Excellent Condition, tested etc... eBay doesn't provide enough area to provide much detail so I chose to do it here on my web site.. Is that what you label eBay policy violations ??

I didn't extort money from you because the radio WAS exactly as listed further up this web page - faulty - and couldn't possibly have worked for your "tests". If you had really tested it then you wouldn't have sold it until it was fixed - and you would have discovered the extra options in it. Either that or you aren't technically intelligent enough to know what the options do, look like, or how they affect the radio's operation.... Maybe all you understand is the 'ker-ching' of $$$$$$$$ - and the possibility of some of it disappearing down the drain before you can get your hands on it ..

Maybe you were hoping that I would return it so that you could claim I had damaged it here and thus claim a 50% - 100% charge. Hey, that would net you the best part of $300, at minimum, wouldn't it ?

Whisper is it that you don't have a US amateur licence - and you don't have anyone working for you - so how do you do "but tested on the air on 40 and 20" ?
Does the FCC know anything about this ????
Do you actually have a valid licence and no one really knows about it ??

The difference is that I don't have to lie and cheat. If I can't access eBay then that's a bit tough - but it won't cut off my income stream.

The very first thing I will do if eBay contacts me is to point them to this web page. They, or their agents, can come and inspect the radio and compare the serial number to that on your original listing - and yes, I took a copy for archival purposes - even if it disappears from eBay itself. That will PROVE that you lied, Martyn, beyond any doubt. And it only takes one lie proven to cast doubt on anything else you say ! Ask any court of law, jury....

Block me, please !!!! Why the hell would I want to buy anything else from you ??? Or would anyone else given the info listed here and elsewhere on the web ????

Do I have anything against him personally ? No, I just have issue with his practices.
Accurate descriptions, and if it says tested, then that means properly tested. If 'it' has faults, bent panels, damaged connectors, then state 'it' has those faults.
That way, the buyers know what they are bidding on and will bid amounts based on the facts..
Lies will get you every time - and force you to offer full refunds because the buyer isn't getting what was described - and THAT IS a violation of eBay policies.
Doing anything else is fraud.

Maybe your reputation isn't important to you, Martyn, but mine is to me.
When I sell things on eBay, the listings are as accurate as I can possibly make them. That's reasonably easy for me because I bought in most of what I sell as new stock when I was running my radiocommunications and electronics business. I trained in radio and electronics so know the 'hows' and 'whats' of what I sold then and still sell now.
Now I have retired and am selling off left-over items, I ensure that what I sell is working (where relevant), mostly actually new in box (or original packaging ), and certainly undamaged. If it is damaged then I keep it for eventual use here or it goes into the rubbish bin.

Doug Hunter
Justice of the Peace / Commissioner Of Declarations

Post-thoughts :
What crosses my mind is "am I being unduly unfair to Martyn ?".
Part of me says no, part of me says yes.
I do believe in fairness to others but one thing that I can't really abide is blatant lying.
This man obviously tells lies and, in my case, I caught him at it - and can prove it.
Should I proclaim it to the world just because I bought, by auction, a broken radio ?
Yes ?? No ?? Maybe ??

The thing that gets me is that others have been taken in by him too : broken / faulty / .. goods as evidenced by other web pages.
It seems to me that Martyn has to improve his "game" and if this web page helps others avoid his tainted offerings then that is good - HOWEVER, obviously, not all that Martyn sells is in this category - some is quite good by the other comments in eBay feedback and on the web - so it all comes back to the words at the top of this web page -
Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware.....

( Definition : [Latin, Let the buyer beware.] A warning that notifies a buyer that the goods he or she is buying are "as is," or subject to all defects.)


For the interest of others :

I didn't lodge a complaint with eBay.
I didn't lodge a complaint with PayPal.

As far as I was concerned, the matter WAS finished until he posted his feedback response containing lies.

Now I am re-considering laying complaints with both eBay & PayPal.

Finished 9:30AM 28 July 2010


Well now I have an incoming email from eBay :

Dated - 1.41AM 29 July 2010

Subject : MC014 FB Alert: Feedback Abuse - eBay Information Notice

Because the text of the following Feedback comment contains a link to another page, it violates one or more of our Feedback policies:

"LIES : Full story : www.vk4adc.com/radiomart.php"

This recent account activity doesn't follow our guidelines.

Feedback that contains any link to another page, picture, or JavaScript isn't allowed.

---About the eBay Feedback abuse policy---
eBay members aren't allowed to use Feedback for any reason other than to rate the actual performance of a member in a transaction. To review the guidelines, go to:


We understand that you may have been unaware of eBay policies regarding use of the Feedback system, and we invite you to learn about how to keep your experiences on eBay pleasant and successful.


eBay Customer Support


I guess that now I really do have to decide whether it is worthwhile escalating the issue of false and misleading descriptions in listings, lies in seller-buyer communications, lies in feedback segments.. and actually start my own complaint through eBay & PayPal. In the meantime, I have responded by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. suggesting that they visit this web page and see why such action was initiated.

8.10AM 29 July 2010


Martyn, you really don't know when to stop, do you ???

1st August, Martyn posted : "Follow-up by radio-mart (01-Aug-10 04:18):
You really are full of it, Your Blocked from Bidding, 73s you liying cheat" against my feedback profile on eBay.

You don't think I check my own eBay profile occasionally, Martyn ???

For a start, learn English !!!
Surely you can type "You're" instead of the "Your". Above all, you should know that it is actually spelled "lying" and not "liying", after all you seem to have personified it.

The proof that I haven't lied is all listed above - this photo, above all else, proves that I still have the radio in question :

I haven't cheated either. If you hadn't started all of this by by improperly describing the product on eBay then none of this would have happened here.

I guess you thought you would get away with yet another "easy sale" - only this time you got caught out, publicly. And guess what, Martyn, do a Google search on "radiomart ebay" and this web page is right up near the top - where everyone in the world can see what type of operation you run. Add to my info here the various pages from other dis-satisfied customers and it doesn't take much for would-be customers to see that they need to avoid you like the proverbial plague.

I have had plenty of emails in support from readers of this web page, and most are suggesting that I continue to pursue you, Martyn, but unlike you, I do believe in a fair go. Most Aussies do. All you have to do is what you accused me of : stop lying and cheating in your dealings with eBay'ers (and everywhere else too). Try honesty - for a change !

In the interim, I have lodged a request with eBay for removal of his feedback follow-up.

2.30PM - 5th August 2010


Martyn's comment above has been removed by eBay as a result of my complaint. I have doubts that eBay will do anything about Martyn's operations though.

Saga concluded ???

8.20AM - 6th August 2010


August 2010 : I continue to receive emails from eBay users who provide even more  "ammunition" about Martyn's operations. Most are US amateurs who apologise about the effects of Martyn's activities on the unsuspecting buyers of his "products".

Most also recommend to "not feel sorry" for him because he just doesn't deserve it.

It all still comes down to... 


See also the Version 2 and Version 3 stories.... They complete the tale.