12 November 2010


I often need to work out wavelengths, half and quarter wavelength for antennas and matching baluns. So often, in fact, that I deemed it easier to write a utility to do the hard work for me instead of using a conventional desktop calculator each time. I wrote it about 4-5 years ago and have done minor changes since to add additional functionality.

ZIP file here.

The utility doesn't require any real installation, just de-zipping and executing from where you save it.

It allows a custom Velocity factor (Vf) to be used but displays the common ones for the selected frequency anyway. The yellow frequency box allows 1 MHz increments from 30 to 999 MHz to be selected quickly but any frequency can be entered textually into the MHZ box.

You can also calculate the Vf of an unknown coax cable by entering the actual length of the cable, the measured open circuit and short circuit notch frequencies.