RadioMart... Version 3


12 October 2010


See also the initial story and  Version 2  stories.... They complete the tale.


Just when you thought the water was clear of this particular shark/alligator, here is yet another instance of Martyn Allison's treachery against eBay purchasers for his line of amateur equipment.


This one emanates from South Africa and was brought to my attention by email as follows...


Hi Doug
I too have recently had a run-in with Martyn when purchasing a 'brand new, in the box, under guarantee FT-950'. My case was not as bad as yours, and I got a good rig, but the chap is a lying bastard - and I take exception to being conned by him. He also then went on the attack and accused me of trying to extort money from him on threat of a negative feedback. Total lies! On my site, I have also put my blow-by-blow story and I have but a link to your site. If you would care to add a link to my site, this might start building a network of people trying to stop him. My site is and the link is
Peter ZS1PMH


The actual "story" opens in a PDF and makes interesting reading.....


Don't think that this is another "rare" case. Since placing my story on the web earlier in 2010, I have had tens of emails from people who have been conned by Martyn's eBay operations. I haven't been willing to put those details on my web site, mainly because of privacy concerns. This new page is mainly a link to Peter's "outing" of Martyn so Peter has actually gone public with his story - much of which has distinct  similarities to mine. He stated that I was trying to extort from him - as he did with Peter. He also offered a refund for return - less shipping costs... Oh, how similar are these two stories - from two different continents ???


I recently had an email that indicated that Martyn had been suspended by eBay for "shill bidding" but that, unfortunately, was immediately proven false by a quick visit to eBay.


Ebay is still a Caveat Emptor environment - and always will be. You really need to investigate anybody if you intend to bid more than about $200 - assuming you can afford to lose that much without financial difficulties. 


Do a Google / Yahoo search and see what others outside of the eBay confines are saying about the seller. If you find nothing and they have a high positive feedback rating then you may be fine. 


When you Google "RadioMart eBay" then the story is a lot different


Still a case of "Let the buyer beware" I'm afraid.



See also the initial story and  Version 2  stories.... They complete the tale.