Main Equipment :


The Icom IC-7400 is a lovely radio and works well as it comes out of the box. With the DSP design, no optional crystal filters are needed and the high stability crystal oscillator and the voice synthesiser are the only options available - and I haven't seen the need for them. The filter in CW mode goes down to 50Hz and I tried separating a couple of close CW stations with it set at that - and it works really well.... The IC-7400 has an internal tuner and covers the 160 to 2 metre bands, full multimode operation. 


When I need just that bit more power than the 100W from the barefoot IC-7400 will provide, I power on the old Yaesu FL-2100B HF linear... Only good for the non-WARC bands .. and is seldom used.


I also have an IC-7000 that I use for some of my portable operations, both field day and when we are away with the caravan.  


The IC-7000 replaced the IC-706Mk2G for those functions because I was having fault issues with the 706Mk2G - which now seem to be remedied.


Either of the above transceivers get used with the LDG Z100 autotuner when needed, like for portable or field day operations.

The shack now boasts two Yaesu G1000DXA round rotator controllers, one for the HF/6m yagis and the second for the 2m/70cm/23cm/microwave antennas.

I also have a number of other radios that have mostly dedicated purposes, some quite old (eg IC-28A, IC-449) and others relatively new, like the FT-1802M and a couple of Baufeng UV-5R's. An old IC-706 (ie Mk1) is used exclusively as an IF for the microwave transverters on field days.

My grandson, Nick VK4FNDG, has more-or-less permanent loan of a IC-718 HF transceiver plus a FT-1802M 2m FM  plus a 80-10m CE5S trap vertical and a 5/8 wave 2m vertical. I have a Kenwood TS-120S ready for him, along with a manual MFJ tuner, but he finds that he "likes" the 718 better !! 


Home Station Antennas : 

HF -
. Cushcraft A3S for 14 / 21 / 28 MHz (20 , 15, 10m)

. Full size dipole array for 160, 80, 40 and 30m oriented EW so lobe maxima around North/South.

. A second dipole array for 80, 40 and 30m oriented NS so lobe maxima around East/West.

. No dedicated antennas for 18 and 24 MHz at this stage but planned. (@Mar16) 



. 6 metres - homebrew 6 element yagi mounted on the "HF tower"

. 6m J-pole available by coax switch selection for omni-directional or 6m FM operation 

. 2 metres - sidemount dipole for general chatter in the local area on 2m FM. ("HF tower")

. 70cm homebrew coaxial colliear - about 9dB

. 10 el 2m horiz yagi for 2m SSB  ("VHF tower")

, 16 element horizontal yagi for 432 MHz ("VHF tower")

. 22 element horizontal yagi for 1296 MHz ("VHF tower")

plus a grid-pack with a microwave Log Period Yagi feed ("VHF tower")


General use : 

Icom AH7000 25-1300MHz discone on the top of the HF tower 


Portable Antennas:

VHF/UHF - for specific details see Field Day Ideas 2008/2009 web page

4 el 6 metre / 50 MHz yagi

8 el 2 metre / 144-148 MHz yagi, change-able from horizontal to vertical polarisation

2 x 11 element 70cm / 432 MHz yagis, one change-able from horizontal to vertical polarisation, plus an 'extra' vertically polarised 11 element just for 439 FM

2 metre 5/8 wave vertical whip - which actually works on the 50, 146 and 439 MHz bands

26 el 1296 MHz / 23cm yagi


HF - for details see HF Field Day Antenna Ideas web page

. Homebrew trapped inverted-V for 80 to 10 metres ( see web page) 

. Squidpole (7m) with vertical wire inside + ferrite matching transformer.

 . OCF dipole with commercial 4:1 balun, approx 50 metres long. { built and tested but will not normally be used }


Mobile station: ( / 4WD)

Icom IC-706MK2G or IC-7000 covering 160-6m at 100W PEP, 2m at 50W PEP, 70cm at about 20w PEP

HF helical whips for 3.5 / 7 / 10 / 14 / 21 / 28 MHz - Mobile One M-10, M-15, M-20 series etc...

RFI CD28-70 stainless steel 3dB whip for 146 MHz