These days I don't have a lot of interest in 'paper' QSLs and don't usually actually chase any specific awards. I had over 100 DX countries confirmed by the early 1980's and have never bothered to apply for DXCC.


I never seem to send out QSLs initially but do try to reciprocate if I do get any in. Sometimes they get put aside waiting for an opportunity to look up the details in my log and then fill one out to go back. I do have a large number of cards in that "state" at the moment and one day I will get to them. ( when I have nothing else to do ! )


I still have the paper logbooks that contain most of the early contacts date back to 1976 for VK4ADC and, prior to that, 1967 to 1976 for VK4ZDC, but they aren't readily accessible. I am not sure that I have kept the contest log sheets from way back then so contacts from the likes of the CQWW and WPX Contests may not be able to be verified. Every so often I get a card ( or eQSL ) dating back to 1978 or 79 but without getting at the logs, I simply cannot respond - and there are a lot of other VK4's around that could be worked.... I have no intention of converting the early logs into an electronic format - there are just too many contacts to contemplate that.


I encourage you NOT to direct POST me a QSL as a matter of course...


The good news is that eQSL has basically my entire DX log available since I came back on air in 1999, a few events like some VHF/UHF Field Days excepted, and my eQSL status is confirmed AG. (Authenticity Guaranteed).


Contacts earlier than 1999 are not in the eQSL system.  I find that I have to reject some entries because my log lists a different time, or band, and in some cases the presumed contact is not in my log at all.



If you are lucky enough to get an actual 'paper' QSL card from me these days, it is likely to look like this ....



 although the web site and email address details have been superseded........


QSLs are handled primarily via  LOTW or eQSL. 
Cards via the Bureau are not really being sought.