Amateur radio VK4ADC - an Australian amateur radio web site with general/technical references of interest to those who want to discover more about Amateur Radio. 


HF Tower @ 2016

Cushcraft A3S tribander + 6el 6m yagi

VHF Tower @ 2016

70cm, 23cm & 2m yagis

This web site is mainly about my technical projects, operating information, field day reports, etc..... that have occurred over the last few years.  My approach on the subjects varies from a how-to-build-it style of step-by-step instructions to a more blog-style report on how a project progressed through from concept to conclusion. 
Please note that I do NOT supply PCBs, short form kits or built-up versions of my projects, PCB layout files, project source code or Picaxe codes... This is an IDEAS site where I have had an idea - and implemented it - and (generally) enough guidance is given for others to emulate the process.
The aim of these web pages is to provide insight into how a hobbyist can experiment in various facets of amateur radio, the processes involved in creating electronic projects, and allow others to generally learn through my experiences. Please note that formulae are not necessarily provided, nor are in-depth explanations of electronic theory given as to how my many projects function. 
I am always working on one project (or another) so new web pages will often appear on the site, or revisions of existing pages will occur, so call back as often as you like to see what has changed or is new.
My web pages for the 2016 Norfolk Island activation as VK9NU were moved to the VK4ADC web site as the VK9NU.NET domain name was allowed to lapse. All content was transferred...
As of June 2019, I now also hold the USA Extra callsign KX4SX. 

You may have arrived at this web site because of software like the DxMonitor Viewer software that I authored a few years back. There is a far newer version of the DXMonitor by VE3SUN that does not require the likes of my software as an add-on - so the original pages have been moved into the proverbial rubbish bin. 

Most of the content from the original web site(s) has now been moved across. There may be some content that hasn't been done, and won't be done. If you find glaring errors then please let me know by using the "Contact Me" link. 

My background, in brief, is that I was trained as a radio technician in air-ground & HF radiocommunications and followed that up with continued work in the technical arena over many years.  That has given me a fairly broad experience and knowledge base in matters electronics, communications and computing.

 I don't claim to have all of the answers - but I usually have the drive, experience and vision to create successful outcomes in my projects and other technical activities. 

Please note that my direct email address is heavily SPAM-filtered so if you send me a direct email and don't receive a response typically within a day or so, it will have been rejected by the filtering. Please re-send using the "Contact Me" option from the menu at left. Those emails always get through.

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This site is now locally hosted in Australia so my apologies if web pages might seem a little slow to load for some of my international visitors.

I hope you enjoy visiting and exploring my web site.

73' Doug Hunter VK4ADC