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Homemade Loaded Coil Dipole  ( w8010 diamond ) for 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meter

Finally after various antennas have built and tried again there was a new challenge with an antenna on a few bands to use and without any comment from my wife comes and it was a very important issue no comment until the partner has been nothing wrong. Van Thieu Mandos NL199 / PA0M got a description of this antenna to possibly to build and try. Thieu himself had already been (using one for) 10 years and as antenna running smoothly on 5 bands and the antenna had to be proven, weather and what was important was the SWR was very good to control the rat tails.

Began with the first 6 coils to the antenna as well going to use on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meter.

The coils in installing the antenna, covered with a shrink tube to prevent damage to them and not sit separately. On the left of the coil without heat shrink and you can see how the same 6 mm2 wire is put down on the spool with an M8 bolt and nut ends of the coil wire is there an amp for pinched and soldered so that easy and firmly on the bolt could be installed and this also goes for the wire to the coil. Wire is 4 to 6 mm2 insulated wire amp end eyes, myself I use 6 mm2.

Thieu left PA0M and (wearing the cap) Pleun PA3CYS

The coil with rat tail

The coils of wire, I o, 8 mm2 use off an old transformer. { actual coils are wound with 1.0mm enamelled wire }

The antenna has a total of my length of less than 14.5 meters at a height of 3.80 meters.

Done by adjusting the ends and pieces to length to fold back by wire to run along. Must be aware nagemeten to be (temporary rope hoist).

The coaxial balun is a few times by a ring core (purple ring core type 4C65), and strain relief for cables and wires (plastic pieces, assemble everything back together).

With the antenna connections made very nice, only 10 meter I have not worked. This antenna stay a while and get hung like a very good SWR on almost all links between the 1.1 and 1.2 with the ophagen and setting we used 2

PA3CYS's HF / VHF / UHF SWR Analyzer MFJ 269 :

That was a lot of work and climbing stairs otherwise we should set the antenna adjusting.